Basics of Desert Driving

This is an introductory course for persons with limited to no experience in Desert Driving.


The course on offer is aimed for starters, with little to no experience in desert driving. The course material is designed to cover each subject from the very basic roots. Participants do not have to have knowledge of vehicle mechanics or navigation skills.

The course consists of two evening sessions in Cairo covering the theoretical parts, followed by a whole day of driving in the desert to practice acquired skills. The main subjects covered during the course :

Day 1: (Classroom session)

  • Sahara’s  natural history.

  • Basic Egyptian Geography.

  • Orientation & Navigation using compass, maps, GPS (Global Positioning System), Sun, and Stars

  • Camping tips.







Day 2: (Classroom session)

  • Vehicle Mechanics explaining components of 4x4 vehicles and modes of operation.

  • Driving Techniques in the Desert.

  • Useful Equipment & Lists.

  • Tips & Suggestions covering all subjects


Day 3:

A whole day spent driving in the desert. Covering different types of terrains, practicing driving techniques as well as extraction methods.


Basic Course Dates



Advanced Desert Driving

This course is designed for people who have experience in Desert Driving, and are preparing for long duration expeditions.


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